I Can Respect Myself When I Look in the Mirror

02 Nov

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you only see failure, mistakes, regret, disappointment, sadness, skepticism, cynicism, cruelty, impatience, intolerance, fatigue, and old age? Or, do you see success, victories, fulfillment, happiness, hope, courage, kindness, love, satisfaction, motivation, and a life lived with purpose and meaning?

A life well lived is one where you focus on being the best version of yourself to present to the world - in your actions, behavior, and character.

How do you want others to feel in your presence or even once you leave the room? Do you want them to feel happy, safe, loved, valued, heard, healed, comforted, supported, encouraged, energized, motivated, and inspired?

Like attracts like. So, how you treat others reflects the kind of people, places, things, experiences, and outcomes you attract into your life. To attract positive, loving, and supportive people, be positive, loving, and supportive. To be heard, understood, and feel like you matter, listen to others without interruption, ask questions to fully understand their thoughts and feelings, and show them they matter by validating them. To be respected, show respect. To get more, be more and be grateful for all you have!

Be yourself, but be your best self.

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