I Can Ride the Waves and Go with the Flow

07 May
Ride the waves and go with the flow of life.” – Unknown

Do you give yourself enough credit for doing what you do day in and day out? I bet you don’t.

As you sail into your weekend, take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back for getting through your week. Consider everything you did, finished, handled, tackled, hurdled, fixed, solved, and overcame. Forgive yourself for everything you didn't do, finish, handle, tackle, hurdle, fix, solve, or overcome. Then, step back. Look in the mirror, and give yourself a wink and a smile because you, my friend, are still standing.

Were the kids fed? Did you go to work? Did you pay a bill? Did you turn in your assignment? Did you exercise? Did you finish something you started or make any progress? Did you follow up or follow through with something even though it was uncomfortable? Did you face a fear or confrontation? Did you learn, do, or try something new? Did you gain new insight about yourself or others? Did you say, I love you?

Did you show up? Showing up is half the work. In fact, it is the most important half.

You don’t have to win a Pulitzer Prize, earn a promotion, get a raise, finish a marathon, save a life, or cure a disease to deserve credit. Just riding every wave that comes your way and going with the flow of life is an achievement in and of itself. Be proud of that!

Even if something didn’t go as well as you would have liked, you tried. Even if you made a mistake, you learned something. Even if you didn’t win something you worked so hard for, you deserved it. Even if you lost something along the way, you gained something else. And even if you weren't treated as well as you treated someone else, you were kind.

Stop to recognize your efforts and hard work even if no one else does. 

Take a deep breath. In fact, take three. Life is hard. Life is tough. But so are you. 

So, put it all behind you and celebrate Aloha Friday! You deserve it.

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