I Can See the Big Picture

28 Sep

Whatever struggles or challenges today brings, just keep looking ahead at the "bigger picture."

The big picture is what you're looking to achieve. It's a goal or dream realized. Or, it's the ultimate life you're looking to live.

The big picture is like a puzzle of a thousand pieces. Not knowing where all the pieces go at first can create a lot of fear, anxiety, and stress. But if you take the time to see how the colors of each piece might blend together and how each shape might fit with one another, you'll slowly see the image reveal itself. Some pieces might frustrate you. Others might boggle your mind because they might not make sense at first. Still others you might think are missing.

If you struggle, take some deep breaths, pace yourself as much as you can, and keep your mind's eye on the big picture!

What is the image you're looking to bring forth?

What is the BIG PICTURE you're putting together?
You got this!

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