I Can Take It

23 Apr

Have you ever found yourself asking how much more you can take?

You've taken beatdowns and blows to your ego. You've been stabbed in the back, punched in the gut, and taken out at the knees. 

The rug has been pulled out from under you, and the wool has been pulled over your eyes. You've been undermined, manipulated, betrayed, deceived, and lied to over and over again. 

You've been told you weren't good enough, smart enough, fast enough, rich enough, thin enough, or attractive enough.

You've been outnumbered, cornered, and made to feel like an outsider.

You've been rejected, forgotten, abandoned, passed over, and left behind.

You've lost jobs, relationships, money, and security. You've lost your patience, your sanity, and sometimes the will to go on.

But no matter what life has done to you or taken from you, don't let it define you.

Don't let what has happened to you change who you are. You define yourself. Only you can define, redefine, and refine yourself. So, don't let any one thing that has happened be the only thing you remember.

Bad things happen to good people. Bad things happen to bad people. Bad things happen. Period. 

Sure, they will knock the wind out of you. They'll knock you down for the count. But get back up!

One bad chapter doesn't tell your whole story. So, don't let one bad ending be the end of your story. Flip the script. Turn the page. Create that plot twist. And start a new chapter.

Your life is a book, and every day you write your story. What story do you want to tell?

You are in control of the narrative. You can invite new people, places, and things into your life any time you desire.

You can start over, start again, or just start somewhere. It all starts with the decision to give yourself another chance. When it feels like life has taken everything else from you, give yourself that chance.

Remember who you were yesterday, who you are today, and who you want to become tomorrow. Let that vision guide you down a new path. No matter what has happened, keep taking steps to become the version of yourself you can't stop dreaming about. 

You owe it to yourself to find out where this path leads and how your story ends.

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