I Can Take More Chances and Be Less Afraid

08 Jan

Aloha is....taking chances.

When was the last time YOU took a chance?

My life transformation was built on taking chances, starting with the decision to start over at 40 in sunny California. All it takes to begin the domino effect of transformation is making the decision to try something new or different!

✔ Yes, it takes courage.
✔ Yes, it means being uncomfortable.
✔ Yes, you can fail.

But, it can also improve your life!

When you're willing to try something new, you're telling yourself you are worth it! You are worth seeing what good can happen because you deserve to be happy!

Doesn't it feel good to say, I did it? Whether you won or lost, or succeeded or failed, no one can take away the fact that you were willing to try. That courage to follow through on your quest for happiness belongs to you! Taking chances makes you bold and brave no matter the endeavor.

The hardest part takes place the minute you step outside your comfort zone. You're already standing taller. If you can take that leap of faith, then you will have the inner strength to see where it leads.

Once you've tried something new or different, you're more willing to do it again because you have experience stepping out of your comfort zone. Even if the results weren't exactly what you wanted, you may have learned something, enjoyed the experience, and gotten a taste for exploring your options.

What is something YOU'RE willing to take a chance on? What bold decision will you make in your quest for happiness?

🍍Apply for a new job
🍍Create/invent something
🍍Share a thought/idea/opinion
🍍Start a new relationship
🍍End a toxic relationship
🍍Start a new health regimen
🍍Try a new activity or hobby
🍍Change your look

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