I Can Try Again

12 Apr

Sunday is a great day to recharge your energy, reconnect with your family, and reset your intentions for the week ahead. If you work on Sundays, choose another day that works best for you to realign your attitudes and your actions.

What can you do differently this week? Can you try to be more positive, more patient, more tolerant or more compassionate with others, yourself or your circumstances?

Trying means to “make an attempt or effort to do something.” Remember, failure is not definitive unless you say it is. You can keep trying. You can keep trying to achieve greatness in anything and everything that is important to you - from your relationships, your job and your health goals to something new that you are still learning how to do or something old you’ve been trying to improve for what feels like the hundredth time.

Never give up on yourself. You and your life are worth every amount of effort.

So, stand firm, my Pineapple, and try again!

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