I Define What Makes Me Beautiful

24 Feb

Your self-worth is not determined by someone else's perception of beauty or how your looks compare to others.

I remember a day in the 8th grade when my brother told me just how ugly he thought I was. My family teased and taunted me about my weight or my looks my entire childhood. While they claimed it was all in good fun, it was no fun for me. I felt ganged up on, betrayed, and unloved - feelings that lasted for decades.

I believed that if this was how people who loved me saw me, then it must be how everyone saw me. Eventually I believed I wasn't good enough or worthy of anyone.

As women, it's no wonder we've developed the mindset of: "If I were ______ (prettier, skinnier, curvier, younger), he would love me." We put conditions upon ourselves when really we need to recondition our thoughts so that we can see ourselves as the beauties we are!

Your opinion matters the most. So, if your inner critic tells you that you're not pretty enough and if all you see are your flaws, then that's what and how you'll always see, think, feel, say, and experience life. You gotta make your.voice louder and make it count.  

Change what your inner critic says with positive self-talk. If you can convince yourself you're ugly then you can convince yourself you're beautiful. Positive affirmations can change your life!

So, go ahead and say you're beautiful.
Because you are.
You most definitely are.

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