I Deserve Peace, Love, and Happiness

04 Nov

Some of you struggle with the idea that you deserve peace, love, and happiness. You're so quick to cement your life in past negative experiences and just as quick to write off the possibility of having more positive experiences, that it becomes the story you keep telling yourself and anyone who will listen.

Doesn't this story get old? Yes!

What's in it for you? Nothing! So, nothing changes. You remain stuck and stale! It's time to write a new chapter! How?

1. IMAGINE the possibility of a different story with a new ending. To do so create a plot twist and become your own hero! In time, you might even see past chapters differently.

2. Consider that while past circumstances might have been out of your control, your current choices are not! Replaying your sad story is a CHOICE you make. That choice keeps you miserable and it's gotten to be a bad habit!

3. To create a different result, make a different choice! Choose any thought, feeling, word, and action that moves you FORWARD.

4. Muster the COURAGE to take one step in positivity and optimism every day. Every step counts, cumulatively leading to better outcomes.

5. Practice POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS daily! Positive self-talk will help rewire your brain to believe that you do deserve peace, love, and happiness after all.

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