I Feel Pretty

12 Feb

When we were little girls, we had all the confidence in the world….and then, these things happen and they just make us question ourselves. Somebody says something mean to you on the playground, and then you grow up over and over again until you lose all that confidence, all that self-esteem, all the faith you started with is gone!
But what if we don’t let these moments get to us, what if we were stronger than that, what if we didn’t care about how we looked or how we sounded. What if we never lost that little girl’s confidence! What if when someone tell us that we aren’t good or thin or pretty enough; we have the strength and the wisdom to say: “What I am is better than all that, because what I am is ‘ME’ …and I am proud to be ‘me’."

THE MOVIE: "I Feel Pretty"
Renee (@amyschumer) is an insecure young woman living in New York City. One night, Renee makes a wish to be beautiful. The next day, she hits her head in spin class. When she comes to, she thinks her wish to be a blonde bombshell was granted. Feeling pretty, she gains the confidence to pursue her dream job and lands her dream guy.

What you think matters! Your thoughts and beliefs create your mindset. Your mindset determines how you perceive yourself and your life. Your perceptions trigger feelings, which influence your actions. Your actions ultimately create your reality. Therefore, your results can be traced back to your thoughts. Your thoughts will keep you stuck where you are or propel you toward your dreams.


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