I Focus my Energy on What I Know For Certain and Not on What I Don't

31 Mar
Would you bet your house on something that wasn’t a sure thing? If that sounds like a gamble you’re not willing to take, then consider how often you do that with your own thoughts.

While it’s OK to prepare for worst-case scenarios or to play the devil’s advocate from time to time, focusing too much energy on negative what ifs can lead to negative effects on your health and well-being. By focusing all your attention on everything that could go wrong, you unwittingly invite unnecessary stress, anxiety and depression as well as negative health-related behaviors, such as poor eating habits, isolation, as well as drug or alcohol abuse.

Oftentimes this energy is based on what you don’t even know to be certain. Your fears, doubts and insecurities have taken over your sound judgment. Focusing your energy on what you actually know for sure and eliminating what you don’t can help save your energy for what is truly possible, which sounds a lot more positive to me.

To adopt a healthier outlook, maintain healthier behaviors and achieve better health, it would make sense to balance your thoughts with positive what ifs, too. In other words, if it’s possible for negative scenarios to come true, then it’s just as possible for positive scenarios to come true as well.

In times of hardship, uncertainty and fear, it’s crucial that you focus on what you know for certain and to root your decisions and actions in facts, as best as you understand them.  To help keep your thoughts, energy and health more balanced, practice positive affirmations like this one today!
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