I Have Everything Within Me to Create the World I Want Around Me

01 Mar

The pandemic has taught us all many life lessons. But, if there's one glaring understatement about pandemic living, it's this: life changes happen whether we want them to or not. There will always be changes that are just out of our control.

But, what if there was a change you did want to happen? Would you have control then? If so, what kind of control?

Any change we seek require attitudes and actions that support that change. For instance, if you want your home life to change, the energy in your environment has to shift. And, as with anything you want in life, it all starts with you. This is where you can influence control because only you can control your own attitudes and actions. Therefore, in order for your outer environment to shift, your inner environment also has to shift.

Want more peace in your surroundings? Too much energy spent on fighting, hostility, conflict or chaos? Learn how to cultivate inner peace. Develop strategies to help calm your mind, relax your body, and organize your day better.

Want more loving, healthy and stable relationships? Cultivate love, kindness, and respect within. Learn how to create and reinforce healthy boundaries and acceptable forms of behavior. To achieve a relationship with more give-and-take balance, create that same balance within. 

Want to enjoy more outdoor activities and have more adventures? Cultivate kindness for your health with more self-care. Exercise your body, nourish it with healthy foods, stay hydrated, and get proper rest. Also, cultivate spontaneity, curiosity, and a passion for people, places, and things outside your comfort zone. 

Whenever you see something in your environment that feels off, consider looking within to see if you can make any positive shifts first. Let your inner world help you create the world you seek.

I believe you have everything within you to create the world you want around you!

Live, Love, and Lead with Aloha.

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