I Have Time

19 Oct

When striving to reach a goal, we tend to put so much pressure on ourselves for so many reasons:
☑️ to be liked
☑️ to get approval
☑️ to look good
☑️ to compete/win
☑️ to meet a deadline
☑️ to earn money

Sometimes pressure can be GOOD. After all, diamonds are formed under pressure, right?

But pressure is BAD when it leads to an imbalance in our lives, causing:
☑️ Anxiety
☑️ Depression
☑️ Irritability
☑️ Stress
☑️ Lack of confidence
☑️ Poor self-esteem
☑️ Poor health habits
☑️ Trouble sleeping
☑️ Racing thoughts/ Worry
☑️ Making bad decisions
☑️ Lack of concentration/focus
☑️ Memory loss
☑️ Feeling overwhelmed
☑️ Lack of motivation

Practice some love, kindness, and compassion with yourself by giving yourself time to accomplish a task or goal. Rome wasn't built in a day and life is a marathon - not a sprint!
Give yourself a break by focusing on making progress instead of being perfect. Give yourself credit for having the courage to step out of your comfort zone and try something new or different. Lastly, celebrate how far you've come in your journey!


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