I Hold My Health and Well-being Sacred

22 Apr

“Without your health, you have nothing” is a phrase I’ve heard countless times from my mother; my residents at the senior living community where I worked; and my friends and colleagues now that we're middle-aged, where every week I’d hear about someone's health diagnosis. In the past two years alone, I’ve even found myself saying it since getting injured and diagnosed with health issues of my own.  And on today's news, the latest statistics in coronavirus cases and coronavirus-related deaths also remind me how sacred our health really is.

We all seem to take our health for granted until it’s gone.  When I was young, health decline was seen as a problem only for the old.  But, today it’s a concern for everyone.  Now, it’s common for even children to be diagnosed with health problems ranging from food allergies and autism to anxiety, depression, epilepsy and even cancer.  So, one would think it’s not so easy to take our health for granted, and yet we do.

Hearing someone’s unfortunate health diagnosis can trigger gratitude for our own health.  Having gratitude for our health invites more positive attitudes and actions and good health.  Being grateful for all that our bodies do for us to achieve our daily activities can help us overcome challenges in our lives now and prepare us for challenges that lie ahead. Showing gratitude for our health means loving our bodies more. When you love your body, you tend to hold it sacred by practicing self-care.  

Practicing self-care is the best way to show gratitude for your body and your health; it is the ultimate form of self-love. Your body is the only vehicle you will ever drive off the lot permanently; no options to lease; no trade-ins; and no warranties.  It is a final sale with minimal options for upgrades and no guarantees on repairs. Therefore, outside of unforeseen circumstances, your health is your own responsibility. If you don’t take charge of your health, chances are no one else will do it for you.  

Anything you can do to benefit your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health is self-care.  There are no acts too small or insignificant when it comes to practicing self-care because they all add up.  Self-care can be anything from eating healthy foods, drinking water, taking vitamins, going to bed early and exercising to bathing with aromatherapy soaps, getting your nails done with a friend, meditating, taking a sunset stroll on the beach, and celebrating a family occasion.  Practicing self-care regularly not only keeps you physically healthier, but it also helps boost your mood and maintain a positive mindset, which keeps you moving forward in courage and confidence. Therefore, better health means a better chance at creating the life you want.

Poor health and avoiding self-care practices can stimulate a vicious cycle of negative thoughts, actions and outcomes. Not only will you be less likely to take appropriate action on your goals and dreams, but chances are you will not achieve the results and outcomes you desire.  In fact, any combination of doubt, fear, worry, anxiety, insecurities and poor health can hold you back from exploring the world, having adventures, building connections, following your passions, finding purpose, accepting and revealing your true selves and being happy.  

Which scenario sounds better to you? Your body is your temple. Worship it; hold your health and well-being sacred.  Do what you can to take care of your body, my Pineapple, and your body will do what it can to take care of you.

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