I'm Crushing It!

09 Apr

Happy Aloha Friday!

Let's end the week with "goal talk." Doesn’t it feel good to achieve a goal? But, it’s not always easy to pull off, is it? A lot of time can pass between the moment you set the goal and the moment you actually achieve it. How do you stay motivated in the meantime?

Here are a few tips to help keep your eyes on the prize.

1. Clarify your purpose. Remember why this goal is so important to you in the first place. What will you gain from achieving this goal? How will your life or the lives of others change for the better as a result of your success? Continually reminding yourself of your purpose can help keep you passionate about achieving your goal.

2. Recruit support. To increase your chances of success, don't go it alone! Pick a select few people who believe in you and who want to see you succeed. Ideally, pick those who have similar goals or those who would directly benefit from your achievement. That way, when you win, they win! This gives them the added incentive to be there for you. With their encouragement, guidance, and support, you’re bound to stay more accountable to the steps you need to take to cross the finish line. They can even motivate you to get back on track should you get off course and celebrate with you every step of the way.

3. Keep track of small victories. If success is a journey of a thousand steps, it's important to give yourself credit for every step achieved. Celebrating every milestone can go a long way to keeping you in a positive frame of mind. If you’re only looking at flaws, mistakes, setbacks, and failures, how could you possibly stay interested and excited to reach your goal? The small victories along the way not only validate your purpose, but they're also built-in self-esteem and confidence boosters! So, write them down! Keep a log or journal, or store information in your phone or computer. These records will give you the courage to keep going. In light of the challenges you encounter, feeling good about yourself and your goal is vital to completing the journey. Therefore, every victory - no matter how small - gives you a taste of what it feels like to cross the finish line.

4. Use affirmations to keep you pumped! Positive affirmations are like magic spells we cast upon ourselves to help us think better, feel better, and do better! By planting positive thoughts into our brain, we increase our chances of thriving in every situation we find ourselves in. If we keep telling ourselves it’s possible to succeed, eventually we believe we will. If we believe we can succeed, then we will feel good about working towards it. If we feel good about becoming successful, then we will take actions that support our goals. Our thoughts impact our actions. And, ultimately, our actions define our success. Therefore, succeeding at your goal starts with thinking that you will.

Use this affirmation to stay positive, motivated, and excited about reaching your goal today!

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