I'm Doing Everything I Can

29 Apr

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. -Theodore Roosevelt

When everything you’re doing doesn't feel like enough, you can feel like giving up or feel like a failure. When everything you’re doing doesn’t feel like enough, you can feel like you’re not enough.

But I assure you that you are.

When nothing you’re doing feels like enough, make it enough. My grandfather used to say, doing something is better than doing nothing. Look at everything you’re doing and be proud of yourself for doing something. Something is something! Doing something is more than doing nothing.

Every time you do something, you gain the courage and confidence to do it again. And again, and again. Even if you don’t think it’s enough, it eventually will be. But you just have to start somewhere. So, start by doing something.

When you don’t feel like enough, be enough. Only you can define your self-worth. Self-worth is the feeling that you deserve peace, love, happiness, success, and anything else you desire.

No one and nothing can dictate what you deserve but you. Outside of your professional experience and endeavors, you alone define your worth. So, choose to value yourself and everything that matters most to you. Don’t compromise your standards, beliefs, morals, values, or ethics for anyone.

To remind yourself of your worth, sit down with pen and paper and take stock of yourself. Identify your best traits and characteristics. 

What qualities do you have to offer the world? Are you loving, kind, and compassionate? Are you generous, genuine, or down-to-earth? Can people rely on you for help, answers, or advice?

Take as much time as you wish to create a list as long as you wish to see your value. Seeing what you have to offer the world will build your self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence. This will help you feel enough.

When you don’t feel good enough to win, be a winner anyway. You are winning more than you are losing. You just need proof.

Look back in your life when you felt like a winner. When did you feel like you were on top of the world? What were the best moments in your life?

Winning doesn’t have to mean receiving a huge award, trophy, or money. Winning happens in even the smallest moments in life. Look at every contribution, accomplishment, and achievement. What skills, talents, expertise, or knowledge do you have to offer to make a difference in the world?

Did you receive scholarships or work to get yourself through college? Did you pay all the bills when your spouse was out of a job? Do you help coach your child’s soccer team? Do you teach English as a second language to immigrants? Do you volunteer for your church or volunteer as a Girl Scout Leader? Did you raise your children as a single parent?

These achievements make you a winner. Being a winner means not quitting. So, don’t give up on yourself. Don't forget your goals and dreams. Your goals matter. Your dreams matter. And you matter.

Use this affirmation to help you understand that when you are doing everything you can, you are enough.

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