I'm Doing Great

28 Apr

Are you laser-focused on a goal, but don’t feel like you’re making progress? Are you having writer’s block? Are you stuck on a problem and can’t find a solution?

Sometimes the best way to move forward is to learn to let go.

It can be too hard to see the answers when you’re too close to it. Step away and give your eyes a chance to re-focus. Walk around the problem and look at it from every angle. Then, learn to let go. When you let go of control, your problem no longer controls you.

What holds you back? Is it fear, anger, or sadness? Do you lack self-worth, self-esteem, or confidence? Is it guilt, shame, or embarrassment? Think about what stands in your way and choose to release it.

Try a guided meditation for releasing negative emotions. Imagine you are lying on a soft blanket in your favorite spot. It can be a beach, forest, park, or  imaginary place. Imagine perfect weather and feeling perfectly comfortable alone on your blanket. Then, imagine a balloon filled with moments or experiences that represent a negative emotion to release.

If you need to release anger, think of every person who has wronged or upset you. Think of every experience or moment when you got angry, mad, or frustrated. Blow each memory into the balloon.

If you need to release fear, think of everything that makes you feel afraid. Think of the times when you experienced fear in your life. Blow each memory into your balloon.

Do you need to release sadness or grief? Imagine blowing every incident that makes you feel sad into this balloon.

One by one, repeat this process for as many different negative emotions you might be experiencing today.

Each time, choose a color for each balloon that best represents what you're feeling with each emotion and memory you want to release. Then, imagine writing that emotion across the balloon.

Next, imagine that someone you love and trust has arrived. You can choose someone who has passed away or someone you consider to be your guardian angel. It can also be someone present in your life today.

This person doesn’t want you to suffer anymore. This person wants you to release the past. In fact, this person wants to help take the burdens of your past away. By releasing negative emotions, your angel wants to help set you free.

One by one, hand over your balloons to this person. Let your angel release each balloon to the sky. Then, together, watch your balloons - and the memories they carry - drift away.

Do this exercise as often as you wish to release anything that holds you back from reaching your full potential. This exercise can be emotional, so be compassionate with yourself. Start and end each meditation with several deep breaths and be as comfortable as possible.

Once you release some emotions, give yourself the time and space you need to go about your day.

In the meantime, keep telling yourself you’re doing great. You have endured so much in your life. Be gentle with yourself and lean into the path that awaits your next steps.

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