I'm Getting Stronger Every Day

19 Nov


What are you working on to be your best self or to live your best life?
❎ It does NOT have to be innovative, groundbreaking, or revolutionary.
❎ It does NOT have to be dramatic or over the top in any way.
❎ And, it does NOT have to involve a lot of money or competing with anyone else but yourself.

You can take ONE area of your life and give it laser-like focus. You can take one step or several baby steps to create self-improvement. And, you can give yourself time, kindness, patience, and compassion.

I've been focusing on my mental health:
❎ I'm not exercising to lose the 25 lbs. I've put on since getting injured at my last job and eating through the depression that came with it.
↪️ I exercise to increase circulation and pump feel-good hormones throughout my body.
❎ I'm not eating salads to fit into my jeans.
↪️ I eat more whole foods to nourish my body with vital nutrients.
❎ I'm not going to bed earlier to reduce bags or wrinkles around my eyes.
↪️ I get more sleep to help me think more clearly, stay more calm, and be more energized throughout the day.
❎ I'm not using fancy skincare to just pamper myself.
↪️ I use cleaner beauty products to help decrease chances for hormone disruption and toxicity.
❎ I'm also not taking medication to band-aid my life.
↪️ I take medication to give my health some extra support during extraordinary times.

We all make decisions and choices. Make ones that support your goals, your dreams, and the person you want to be.

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