It's OK to Allow Love to Change My Life and to Change Me

26 Mar

Love can change your life. Love can change you. And, love itself can change. 

Why do people fear such change?

As life unfolds, it can challenge and test love - for ourselves and for others. Over time, it can force love to expand and contract. It can push love to grow stronger or weaker. It can cause love to move fast or slow. It can even encourage you to move forward or to take a step back. 

With every challenge we go through in life, love can bend, move, and change in size and shape. It can grow, develop, transform, and evolve in response to our life experiences and the lessons they present. It can even seep into the darkest crevices of hearts and shed light upon the hopeless.

What love does not do is stay the exact same. And, neither should you.

As life can change, love can change. It's OK to change with it. Learn to lean into it and bend with it. Grow with the flow. Be willing to develop, change, and transform along with the changing landscape of your life. 

Don't fear change; fear stagnation. Change moves us forward. So, don't fight it. 

Allowing love to change us is what helps us evolve as humans. Learning lessons from our experiences enriches our lives with wisdom. Wisdom makes us better people and empowers us to help each other. Hence, when we're learning, we're growing.

Remember, where there is love, there is hope. Hope gives us a reason to keep trying, learning, and growing. Where there is hope, there is life. Life is an adventure. Wherever it may lead you, try to love every minute of it.

Live, Love, and Lead with Aloha.

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