It's OK to Need Help; It's OK to Ask for Help; It's OK to Accept Help; It's OK to Help Others.

05 May

Do you take pride in being self-sufficient? Do you like to handle things by yourself? Are you embarrassed about asking for help?

Every now and then, we could all use a helping hand and now could be one of those times. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us. Sometimes we would benefit from a small favor to help lighten our load. Sometimes we need help learning how to do something new. We could also use support and encouragement at times we find ourselves too far outside of our comfort zones and in unknown territory.

We would especially benefit from asking for help when doing something we’ve never done before.  At some point in our lives, we will find ourselves in a position where we have to learn a new skill, talk to someone we’ve never met, and go somewhere we’ve never been.  The first time we do anything can trigger feelings of anxiety, embarrassment, doubt, fear, and low self-esteem or self-confidence.   

But, that first step could also begin a whole new journey you wouldn’t have taken otherwise.  Without the first step, you would never know where it could lead you.  While you might have an idea about your intended destination, there’s still no way to know exactly how it will work out without seeing the trip to the end.   Anything can happen along the way.  

There may be times in your journey when you feel uncertain of your direction or completely lost and need help finding your way.  There's no shame in seeking the guidance of someone who has traveled this path before.  In fact, it’s helpful to seek the wisdom of someone who has more experience or expertise in unfamiliar territory.

While traveling, you could also meet someone who could change your direction, outlook, and life altogether. As a result, you might make a stop, take a detour, or travel higher than intended.   No matter what happens, each opportunity offers useful tools and lessons to take with you on the rest of your journey.

You would also benefit from someone’s help when you don’t understand something well.  For every person you meet on your journey, there is an exchange.  You each teach and learn something from each other. No matter how long this exchange, there is always a lesson to learn.  So, whether you know this person for a moment, a year, or a lifetime, it's your responsibility to find the lesson and to apply it to your life.  

Everyone needs help sometimes.  It’s OK to accept help if it helps you become a better version of yourself, create a better life, or move forward with love, kindness, or compassion. 

It’s also OK to help others, my Pineapple. By helping others, you empower yourself and the world by making it a better place for us all to live.

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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