Life is Full of Defining Moments. This is My Moment.

23 Mar

Life is full of defining moments, whether or not we realize it at the time they happen. At every turn, we are faced with a decision or choice that can forever change the trajectory of our lives. Who is to say which one was the one - that one defining moment - that made all the difference? Only you can.

What makes a defining moment? A defining moment is essentially one which you believe defines who you are, what you stand for, where you’re going, and what your life is about. It is a big message to the world that says, this is me and this is where I stand.

A defining moment doesn’t necessarily have to be big, even though it can feel like it is. A defining moment can be in the smallest decision you make or action you take that changes your life forever.

Defining moments lie in the choices we make in relationships, places to live, college to attend, field of study, career, and positions to pursue. They may reflect your passions, wants, needs, and desires. They may also be determined by pure dumb luck or coincidence.

Your defining moment can have a good or negative impact on you, like in the left turn you took that resulted in a car accident. It’s in the divorce of your parents that discouraged you from getting married. Or, it’s in the drowning incident you had that deterred you from swimming again.

Sometimes your defining moments create success. It’s the bite of a sandwich at a restaurant that inspired you to cook, attend culinary school, and own your own food truck someday. It’s the friend you made while waiting in line for your coffee that ultimately led to a series of dates and marriage. It’s the play you saw as a child with your grandmother that inspired you to act. Or, it's your mother's cancer diagnosis that motivated you to become a doctor.

Only you know what that defining moment was and when, even if you didn’t realize it until much later. But, your defining moment may also be right now. It may be at the crossroads where you sit, pondering your next move.

Your world awaits. Your life is in your hands. So, make the most of this moment. Lead with your heart, think with a clear mind, and take a step in the direction of your goals and dreams. 

Be bold. Be brave. And, believe.

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