Making Time and Space for Myself is Essential to My Health and Happiness

17 May

Do you make time or space for yourself? Do you have a list of things you want to do that just never gets done? Do you feel guilty about wanting things or wanting to do things that are important to you? 

Low self-worth drains your energy and desire for taking care of yourself. As a result, all the little things you want to accomplish but never do just keep piling up, like the dirty laundry in the corner of your bedroom. Meanwhile, the resentment you feel continues to pile up in the corner of your heart. 

But don't let it!

Feeling worthy is at the core of optimizing your health and achieving your goals, dreams, and desires. You deserve peace, love, health, happiness, and success as you define them for yourself. Don't let anything or anyone tell you or fool you into thinking otherwise. Feeling worthy is essential to creating your best self and life.

Over time, negative experiences and memories chip away at your self-worth and hold your mind hostage. Eventually, they rob you of inner peace and the belief that you deserve more out of life. But you can overcome this.

When it's hard to believe you deserve more, think about everything you do or have done for others. For every person you have helped or made happy, remind yourself that you deserve that, too. If you can tell yourself it's good to give, then you can convince yourself it's just as good to receive. It's balance, the yin and yang of life. So, reserve and direct some of that caregiving energy towards yourself.

Take back your power. You cannot have self-worth if you continue to give it all away. Build your self-worth by chipping away at those thoughts and beliefs that hold you back. 

Keep reminding yourself that you are worthy by using positive self-talk. Work on cultivating better thoughts to develop a positive mindset. Identify which negative thoughts you hear the most. Then, one by one, rewrite them into more positive thoughts. Use these new creations as positive affirmations or personal mantras. Say them out loud and repeat them often to cultivate the self-belief, self-worth, and confidence you need to create movement and change in your life.

Meanwhile, chip away at your self-care list. Keep reminding yourself that you are worthy by taking positive action steps. Cultivating new actions help develop better health habits. Regular self-care is a game changer. Even if it feels small or insignificant, doing one positive thing at a time for your mind, body, or spirit can lead to big results in your attitude, mood, body, and energy levels over time. 

This might feel uncomfortable at first. It might feel like too much of a reach. And it might even make you feel unsafe or insecure. But anything is doable or manageable if you stay open-minded and flexible. 

When thinking or doing anything new, make it predictable and simple so that you can do it every day. Plug your self-care action steps into your daily planner at set times daily or weekly. Seeing them helps to remind you that they're important to get done because your health and happiness is important. 

By checking them off one by one, you'll eventually accomplish your goals without as much difficulty. Even if something doesn't get done one day, have compassion for yourself for trying. There's always tomorrow!

Remember, thoughts influence feelings. Feelings lead to actions. Actions determine your results and outcomes. So, take it one small positive step, treat, or adventure at a time. There does not have to be a deadline. You just need to make the commitment to yourself to see it through.

Make time and space for yourself today and every day. You deserve it!

Live, love, and lead with Aloha.

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