Motherhood is My Superpower

09 May

Happy Mother's Day to every woman with a mother's love to share.

Over the course of her life, a woman will realize that youth fades, beauty ripens, wisdom matures, and love transforms.

But motherhood is forever.

A mother is someone who gives without limits, loves without boundaries, sacrifices without question, and keeps her heart open.

We may make mistakes, take wrong turns, have regrets, and stumble. But a mother gets back up over and over again.

Mothers come in different forms and from different backgrounds, but the common denominator is an innate belief that love matters. Mothers have the natural born instinct to nurture and demonstrate love kindness and compassion in her own way.

To all you maternal warrior lovers, we salute and celebrate your strength and dedication to life's most important journey.

Keep dreaming, believing, and achieving because what you do matters. Your children are watching and learning from you every day.

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