My Dreams Are Bigger Than My Fears

05 Feb

Aloha is...making your dreams bigger than your fears.

If you weren't so afraid, what would YOU do?

✅ Move
✅ Change jobs
✅ Try online dating
✅ Declare your love to someone
✅ Leave a toxic relationship
✅ Change your look
✅ Start a business
✅ Write a book
✅ Start a podcast
✅ Audition your talent
✅ Go back to school
✅ Stand up to a bully
✅ Publicly define your sexual orientation

Stop shaming yourself for having fear. There's no shame in being afraid. It's human to have fears and unrealistic to be fearless all of the time.

Fear is powerful. It can be poisonous or purposeful. It can hold you back or push you forward.

🍍Instead of letting fear be a roadblock to your success, use it as fuel on your journey to get there. Repeat positive affirmations like this (photo) and use this exercise to help. I use this exercise with my clients to improve their mindset and reduce the intensity of their fear so that it won't stop them from pursuing their dreams.

How to Fear Less:
1. Identify your fear.
2. Identify your goal/dream/desire.
3. Acknowledge both out loud using this format:
Even though I'm afraid of _____, (fear), I still want ________. (goal/dream/ desire).
4. Repeat.

Fear: No one will find me attractive.
Desire: To be in a relationship.

"Even though I'm afraid no one will find me attractive, I still want a loving relationship."

Be fearless!

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