My Life is a Story Worth Telling

10 May

From beginning to end, your life is a story worth telling.  

Our lives consist of stories we tell ourselves and others. And every day presents a new opportunity to tell our story in a new way.

What is your story about? Is it about poverty or wealth, or illness or health? Is it about fear or courage, or mystery and intrigue? Did you struggle or coast through life? Was it an uphill battle or all downhill? Did you find your forever love or was your heart shattered? Who was there to believe in you? Did you believe in yourself?

We cannot rewrite the past. We can only strive to make peace with it. Sometimes that means flipping back through some chapters and rereading certain pages to get a fresh perspective and adopt a new outlook. 

By looking back, maybe we can find new meaning, learn a new lesson, or gain deeper insight. If we dig enough, maybe we will unearth profound wisdom or a new sense of purpose. Maybe we can decide to forgive and let go. Or, maybe we can just choose a new direction and move forward.

No matter what you encounter, be mindful of the power of the present and choose to embrace it. Believe in yourself enough to fight for your happy endings. If you don't like where your story is going, find the strength to start again. Take it one word, one line, and one page at a time.

Use your newfound courage to recognize your worth, reinvent yourself, and create the future of your dreams. 

This is your story. Tell it in a way that makes you proud.

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