My Life is Full

06 Mar

Social media makes it tempting to look at someone else’s life and think, I don’t have enough, I don't do enough, or I am not enough. If focusing on what someone else has, what they do, or what they look like stirs up negative emotions, then you must reset your mindset.

It’s human nature to focus on what you don’t have instead of what you do have. But, living in that scarcity mindset is damaging. When you live in that mindset, you’re still missing out. You’re missing out on all that you do have in the present to build upon. The present is the realm that creates your future! If you want to create abundance in the future - more love, health, wealth, or success - you need an abundance mindset now.  Look around and focus on what you have or have going for you right now and claim it as abundance.

Do you have a place to come home to every day? Do you have a reliable car to take you where you want to go? Do you have a job that supports your necessities? Do you have family to lean on? Do you have friends to have fun with? Do you have your health?

Abundance lives even in the simplest aspects of your life. Claim that abundance in all its forms and watch that abundance grow with this affirmation!

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