My Self-Worth is Not Measured in Numbers

03 Feb

People always ask me how I met my husband. Short answer:

Long answer: When I moved to San Diego 8 years ago, I was recovering from heartbreak, broke, jobless, and lonely. When a Match ad bounced across my computer screen, I wrote a half-ass profile because I wasn't looking for romance, just companionship. After being contacted by so many desperate, rude, and horny guys, I ended my membership. Then, something told me to try again.

I rewrote my profile, clarifying what kind of behavior I would not tolerate, and added, "It's not the amount of money in your pocket that matters but the amount of love you spend on me." That week, Matthew contacted me and we've been together ever since.

🔢 My value is not based on my/the number of _____ . I am more than my/the number of _____.
Pick all that apply:

▶IQ or SAT score
▶Jeans or cup size
▶Bank account balance or net worth
▶Square footage/acres I own
▶Miles I can run
▶Years I've been married
▶Kids I have
▶Degrees I've earned
▶Awards I've won

Do not judge yourself using numbers. Place value on what you have to offer.

How do you impact others or make the world better?

Are you kind, funny, encouraging, patient, and respectful? Do you lead by example? Do you make others feel loved, calm, safe, needed, or special? Do you take time to listen and understand someone else's pain? Do you offer support or advice?

🍍In the end, people won't remember how much you had. They will remember what you had to give.

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