My Wealth Increases When I'm Willing to Grow and Take Risks

15 Apr

Normally, today would have been Tax Day, but it was postponed to May 17th.

Tax Day is a miserable day for many of us because it forces us to review our finances. And, for some, it's not a pretty sight. It also gets us thinking about how much money we make and how much we want to make.

Do you have a hard time asking for a raise or promotion? Does it make you feel greedy or guilty to want an increase in income?

Everyone wants to be acknowledged for their contributions, especially on the job. Doesn’t it feel good to be recognized for a job well done? So, why shouldn’t you be rewarded for going a good job?

By investing your time, energy, and efforts into doing quality work, you are doing your part to maintain or raise the standard of quality for your company. When you do good work, they reap the benefits and it shows in their bottom line. So, why shouldn’t you benefit from your performance as well?

Feeling good about your finances is a form of self-love, self-esteem, and self-worth. So, know your value and tell yourself that you are worthy. You deserve to reap what you sow. Therefore, you should be compensated accordingly. Your hard work earned it!

Increasing your wealth reflects your willingness to step outside your comfort zone, grow, and take risks. When you push yourself to aspire higher, you achieve higher. Therefore, your compensation should be higher.

Be willing to have a calm, diplomatic conversation with your supervisor about your value to the company. Give examples that represent the quality of your work. Then, respectfully request a raise. The worst-case scenario is that they say no. If they do, ask what it would take to increase your income. Asking questions shows that you’re still willing to invest your time, energy, and effort. If you don’t see it panning out, keep your eyes open for opportunities where you would be more valued.

In the meantime, repeat this affirmation to strengthen your mindset about increasing your wealth and your self-worth!

Live, Love, and Lead with Aloha.

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