Nothing Can Disturb My Peace of Mind

21 Apr

Peace, tranquility, serenity.  When we think of these words, we might think of being free of fear, worry, doubt and stress.  What a sweet escape that would be from the world we are living in today.

Peace of mind can be described as a delicate balance of mental, emotional and spiritual calmness.  It is a quiet acceptance of all that is going on in both your inner and outer worlds.  Even in the face of chaos and stress, having peace of mind allows you to stay detached enough to remain cool, calm and collected yet alert, happy and free.  

To achieve peace of mind, practice aloha.  Cultivating love, kindness and compassion is the key to creating a more peaceful way of being no matter what challenge, struggle or hardship you are facing or negative emotions you may have resulting from past disappointments.  When you treat yourself with more love, kindness and compassion, you radiate positive vibes into the world and create harmony in your environment - with others and nature. Positivity has a boomerang effect - what goes around comes around - which results in more peace of mind.  

When you love yourself, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. With possibilities is the hope of good things coming your way.  Hope is the best antidote to the toxic taste left in your mouth by pain, loss and failure. Loving yourself also invites more love into your life by bridging connections with others.  These connections invite others to support your goals and dreams, which helps create success in your life and further results in peace of mind. 

When you are kind to yourself, you treat yourself with dignity, honor and respect.  You not only forgive yourself for mistakes, but you also recognize your efforts and celebrate yourself for every step you take toward your goals and dreams.  Being kind to yourself also allows you to think more clearly and see the lessons in every experience more clearly.  These lessons not only give you the opportunity to explore and dissect what went right and what went wrong, but they also show you how to modify your actions to achieve your goals.  They are valuable tools to learning more about yourself, your purpose and your dreams so that you can adjust accordingly. Therefore, you grant yourself permission to put your experiences in perspective.  

When you are compassionate with yourself, you are gentler with yourself. You give yourself all the time you need to process, heal and get to the other side of your mountains of pain, loss and failure or fear, doubt and stress.  You also don’t put pressure on yourself or allow others to either.  You understand that it’s OK to take as many steps as you need to move forward and toward what is better meant for you.

When you are more loving, kind and compassionate with yourself, nothing can disturb your peace of mind.  Instead of being a prisoner of pain, doubt, worry, fear, failure and stress, you are free to live in the present and move forward in peace.  

Peace be with you, my Pineapple.  

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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