Nothing Can Stop Me

09 Apr

While life may present hurdles to jump over, obstacles to get past and setbacks to slow you down, ultimately, nothing can stop you but you.

Failure is part of growth. The only time you truly fail is when you actually stop trying. Even if you technically lose or fail at something, consider it temporary and try again. There is always a chance to learn something from the experience so that you can improve upon it and become better as a result of it even if it means creating something completely new - a new version of it, a new path, or a new you. Therefore, failures in your past, setbacks in the present and obstacles ahead can actually set you up for opportunities to succeed if you use them wisely.

To do so, look at them from all angles and ask yourself what you can learn from them. There are always lessons to be squeezed out of the lemons in life! Of course, some lessons are harder to learn than others. Some can even be painful. But nothing in life is forever, especially the hard times. The key is to keep moving forward - instead of letting them stop you - and, soon, they will be behind you.

When life hands you lemons, use the “lesson juice” to make lemonade. Don’t let anything stop you from doing, giving or being your best, my Pineapple! You deserve greatness!

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