The Things That Scare Me the Most Turn Out to Be the Best Things for Me

24 Apr

What would make you happy?  What is keeping you from being happy? What holds you back?  Is it fear?  If so, what exactly are you afraid of?  One of my very own sayings was born out of my own life experiences: "The things that scared me the most turned out to be the best things for me." 

Even though I struggled with low self-esteem and confidence most of my life, I have always tried to do something about it.  To help build my courage and confidence over the years, I've always given myself new challenges and done things that scared me.  For instance, I moved to different states in my twenties.  I accepted jobs where I didn’t have prior experience in my thirties.  I introduced myself to people I didn’t know constantly.  I traveled alone to different countries every chance I had. And then, I started over completely by moving across the country at 40.  

Now that I’m almost 50, I can honestly say that not only did I survive, but I also thrived as a result of doing the things that scared me the most.  I’ve acquired skills and experience I wouldn’t have had otherwise.  I’ve been to places I wouldn’t have gone otherwise.  I’ve met people and developed long-lasting friendships that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Lastly, I discovered a purpose I’m extremely passionate about, something I wouldn’t have had otherwise.  Even though my journey presented many ups and downs, I’ve grown both personally and professionally as a result.  Therefore, I have no regrets; only more courage and confidence to keep going and to keep dreaming.

In each situation where you look fear in the face and overcome the situation at hand, you slay your fear and you grow. Overcoming the situation doesn’t necessarily mean you had to “win,” but facing it and moving forward despite the outcome is winning.  So, be brave, have compassion for yourself, learn valuable lessons, and keep slaying by pushing forward!  You'll eventually build confidence and realize there's nothing you can't get through or get over no matter how uncomfortable the circumstances. 

With confidence comes happiness. How could you not be happy with yourself for facing your fears?  Also, if you stay persistent in pursuing your goals, then eventually your action steps will achieve them.  Your goals are the building blocks of your dreams!  And, as they say, “If your dreams don't scare you, then they're not big enough."  So, dream big no matter how scary that is!

Well, I walk around scared most the time these days because I'm not done dreaming big and neither should you! It’s OK to be scared, my Pineapple, whether due to the uncertainty of these times or from dreaming so big. But either way, don’t let your fear hold you back from living your best life now.   There's always something to learn and take away from every experience, and because of that, there’s no regrets.

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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