What I Choose to Believe, I Choose to Achieve

04 Dec

NO MATTER WHAT you're doing, your dreams won't happen if your thinking is out of alignment with your actions. You might not even be aware that your thoughts are sabotaging your every move!

Fear and false beliefs not only sabotage our success, but they're also dream-killers. False beliefs are the stories we tell ourselves that contradict our ability to achieve success. Even though we might take steps to achieve our desires, we've already convinced ourselves it won't work.

Examples include:
▶ I've never done it before, so what makes me think I can now?
▶ I'm too old, fat, poor, or damaged, etc.
▶ No one in my family has ever done this before so what makes me think I can?
▶This is just how it is. The world's unfair.

Take note of how you're thinking and seeing yourself. Observations and feedback are great tools for creating awareness and fighting fears and false beliefs. Therefore, awareness is the first step to getting results!

Facts can defeat fear, destroy doubt, and build faith. Use information to motivate you to take steps outside your comfort zone, take healthy risks, and move forward with courage and confidence. Until you have actual proof that contradicts your ability to succeed, you're still in it to win it!

Start by gathering information:
✅ What you can control, not what you can't
✅ Which actions will support your goals
✅ List of achievements to remind you of goals you've reached or challenges you've overcome
✅ Proof that contradicts your ability to succeed

Fact and faith is a powerful combination to help you follow through with the right actions to reach your goal. They will help guide you on your journey, stay the course, and give you enough patience to realize your dreams.

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