When Something is Hard, I Can Try Harder

18 Mar

Who wants to give up the minute something gets hard? Go ahead, raise your hands! Giving up would be easy, wouldn’t it? But, would it be right?

If there’s something you really want to achieve, be willing to get uncomfortable. I always say: the things worth having are the things working for. In fact, anything that comes too easy I tend not to trust. How’s that for attitude?

Just remember, challenges make you grow. Challenges teach you lessons you may not have gotten to learn elsewhere. Challenges make achievements and victories that much sweeter!

Don’t let the level of difficulty stop you from getting what you want in life. Be willing to go for it. Be all in! When you hit a wall, learn something new to get around it. When there’s a hurdle, stretch your legs and learn to jump over it. And, when you feel like an obstacle is too high a mountain to climb, prove that it can be moved.

Dig deep and ask yourself, how bad do you want it. Just know that you’re worth the time, energy, and effort to overcome any challenge that comes your way. Feel free to take a break to reset, regroup, and recover from every obstacle you face. But, come back willing to try harder.

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