When Something Is Not Meant for Me, It's Because Something Else is. It Will Find Me.

25 May

Are you disappointed about something that didn't work out?

Did your boss decline to give you a raise, vacation time, or the schedule you requested? Were you passed over for a job or a promotion? Did you fail a test or board exam that prevents you from taking the next step in your career?

It's easy to feel crushed when something we wanted didn't work out as we had hoped. It's hard to let go of a result or outcome we had worked for, prepared to receive, or counted on.

But some things are just not meant for us because something else is. You will either find it, or it will find you!

The key to life is to be patient and open enough to see it when that happens.

Timing is everything. Timing is divine.
So, just have faith and hang on another day. It's coming!

Live, Love, and Lead with Aloha.

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