Why Not?

19 Apr

Over 13 years ago I worked at an international staffing agency. We were the company that placed au pairs in America. We sent your kids abroad to study. And, we helped international college students get jobs at summer camps and resorts. Their J-1 visa status also allowed them to travel the country before they returned for their fall semester.

As part of the job, I had the privilege of traveling to countries I wouldn’t have otherwise visited. From England, Northern Ireland, and Poland to Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, and Russia, my eyes were opened to see how other people lived and my heart was cracked open to a passion for travel. As challenging as the process was to get these students to America, traveling was always the reward.

My favorite part of the job was meeting the candidates and staff. It was an amazing experience to finally meet with the staff I've been working alongside even though they were stationed overseas. It was also enlightening to meet these brave young adults willing to expand their horizons, their language skills, and their life experiences.

My heart belongs to Poland. Every December, I took about 10 clients to Krakow where they could interview their candidates at a job fair. And, every year we had a blast. We shopped for handmade gifts at the Christmas market, ate authentic Polish food, drank in the underground bars, and visited local attractions. I had the nicest clients and they knew how to have fun. They were so well loved that even their former Polish staff would offer to give them personal tours of their beloved country.

What I loved most about the Polish people I met and the friends I made was their attitude. I could request or ask them anything - whether regarding work or fun - and their answer was always, why not? I had never had anyone respond to me that way before and I haven’t since. Operating a job fair overseas can be challenging at times, but these people made every effort or idea sound possible. They were always willing to consider a solution to a problem instead of just telling me it couldn't be done. I found it refreshing, enlightening, and encouraging.

How can you use this mindset when approaching a problem or situation in your life? How would a "why not" change your attitude or change your day? I encourage you to try it at your next work meeting, talk with your husband, or the next time your child makes a request. You will appear positive, open-minded, and solution-oriented.

Try it today! Why not?

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