Yes, I Can.

07 Apr

Three of the most powerful words you could ever say: Yes. I. Can.

These three little words when said together have the ability to open your mind to possibilities, create movement and empower your life with positivity. I suggest saying this phrase in most situations and watch your world change for the better.

Saying this phrase still requires that you be mindful of setting healthy boundaries. Just because you can do something doesn’t always mean that you should if it will only hurt you or run you ragged for taking on too much. In other words, you must still know your limitations.

But in matters of facing life’s challenges or taking on new responsibilities that can benefit you and your life, say yes even if you lack experience or have doubt. By accepting a new challenge and saying that you can do it, you will! It is only a matter of time and effort.

There will be times in your life when you will be required to step up to the plate even though you lack the experience or expertise to master it, but that’s OK. There’s always a first time. Everyone has to start somewhere. Let it start with saying, "Yes, I can."

Saying yes invokes positive attitude and action. It will invite positive results and outcomes. You'll see.

Yes, you can, my Pineapple. I know you can!

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