Fly a Kite

03 May

The other day, while walking at a park, a father and daughter were flying a kite in the shape of a butterfly. While the wind rustled against the plastic wings, the five-year-old girl ran up to every person she saw, pointing at her kite. "Isn't it amazing?," she asked. "It's flying!" Everyone who heard her, including me, couldn't help but smile for her joy. 

Do you remember the exhilarating feeling of flying a kite with your dad and watching it soar high above you? I do! Flying kites is a magical feeling for kids and adults alike. Not only is it fun to see something we put together soar high above us in all its brilliant colors, but it gives us the sensation of flying, too. In other words when a kite flies, our spirits soar. 

Everyone smiles when a kite launches into the air. Kites give us hope. They represent what's possible. Flying kites also has health benefits. 

Flying a kite improves eye health. These days, we spend most of our time looking down at our phones or our laptops. Looking at computer screens most of the time is known for weakening our eyes. But looking up at the sky and searching for a kite soaring above helps to increase eye strength and improve vision overall. It helps to regulate the eye muscles and alleviate fatigue of the eyes.*

Flying a kite reduces stress. Spending time outdoors and getting fresh air is the best medicine to cure us from our sedentary lives. Watching a kite soar, dive, spin in circles, and rise higher and higher against the backdrop of an open sky is soothing. Listening to the wind rustle against the kite as it sails can also be meditative. It also elicits smiles, giggles, pure joy, and satisfaction in a small achievement, which all help to boost the production of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals.

Flying a kite strengthens bonds. It's perfectly OK to fly a kite by yourself, but it's much more fun to share the experience with someone. I once took a group of senior citizens to fly kites at the beach. They loved it! They were mesmerized as they watched them sail against a blue sky above while hearing the ocean waves crash below. The experience made them all feel young and happy. 

But how special to share this experience with a child. Their eyes fill with wonder as they control the kite in flight. And you look like a superhero for teaching them and making the magic happen! Creating new memories, especially when doing something fun, can bring you closer to the ones you love.

Step away from your desk, put your phone down, and go fly a kite today! 

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