Offer Support During a Hard Time

15 Mar

With or without a pandemic, life itself can be challenging. And, sometimes we need support to help us navigate through the changes and challenges life throws our way. 

Offering someone support during a hard time is an opportunity to practice aloha. By just listening and seeking to understand someone else’s pain, you demonstrate compassion and empathy. By offering help in any way that makes someone else’s life better or easier, you demonstrate love and kindness. And, by serving others without expectations for anything in return, you demonstrate humanity.

When you support someone going through a hard time, you are not only helping to lift their spirits, but you’re also giving them hope. Encouragement is sometimes all the support someone needs. And, your support might be just enough to motivate them to keep going.

Supporting someone through a hard time can also help reset their mindset. Your kindness can help boost their self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence. By being there for someone in a time of need, you demonstrate that they matter. You are clearly showing that you value their life and their well-being. You are also showing that they deserve to be happy, healthy, and successful.

Offering support can be as simple as giving a hug, making them laugh, sending an encouraging text, or doing a good deed. Sometimes just dropping off a plate of cookies or buying them a cup of coffee is all you need to show you care.

Ask how you can best support someone while respecting their boundaries. Maybe you can take a simple task off their plate, help them solve a problem, or help them achieve a goal. Whatever you choose to do to support someone going through a hard time is aloha in action!

Remember, helping others empowers the world to be a better place for us all.

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