Share Something You Have

27 Feb

What was the last thing you shared and with whom did you share it? Was it a cup of coffee with your coworker, a meal with your family, cupcakes you baked for neighbors, or was it your money that you shared with an unemployed friend?

Sharing is a form of giving. And, giving is an expression of aloha. Therefore, sharing is love, kindness, compassion, and affection in action. 

There's always something you can share, but it doesn't have to cost you a dime. Sharing your time and attention with someone in need is always welcome. Sharing your experience, expertise, or skills with someone just starting out on a similar path or vocation is always helpful. And, sharing your insight, wisdom, and advice to help someone with a problem in their relationship or other life circumstance is always a kind gesture.

Find a way to share something you have with someone today. It's a beautiful way to cultivate and spread aloha.

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