Take the Scenic Route

05 Mar

It’s easy to develop habits, get into routines, and get stuck on autopilot without realizing it. We take the same route to work, school, or the grocery store. We do the same workout routines. We eat the same meals for dinner. And, we tend to do things in the same order.

Routine has its place in our lives. It’s good for establishing sound health habits. It's good for managing our time. And, it can be helpful in keeping anxiety at bay.

But, life can easily get stale. When things feel stale, we feel stuck in a rut. Life can begin to feel boring and unfulfilling. Then, we start thinking we’re missing out and we start to crave more.

To avoid this, change up your routine from time to time. For example, take the scenic route to your next destination. Doing something out of order or doing something new and different is a simple way to stimulate your brain and empower your mental well-being.

Taking a road less traveled will also boost your sense of wonder and adventure. It can spark your creativity and imagination. It can help you create a new memory or discover a new passion. It can even remind you of the fun you used to have and want to do again!

Get out of your rut by taking the scenic route today!

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